Company Introduction

The union of science and technology was established in 2002, with years of accumulated rich experience of construction and operation, and combined with excellent technology, product resources and funding advantage, has become the most influential industry solutions and service provider.
UNITA technology to "technological innovation, science and technology" for the purpose, is the first certified national high-tech enterprises, has been founded by CMMI3, "integration of information system and service qualification certificate (grade one)", "security system design, construction, maintenance qualifications (level)" "electronic and intelligent professional contract (level one)" at all levels of qualification certificate of more than 10, with core platform software and copyright products more than thirty, more than forty patents, utility model patents.
The union of science and technology is committed to engineering contractors from the city into the city of wisdom and security service providers; become the wisdom industry most forward-looking and growth of enterprises; smart city concept China standard most representative enterprise.

Company History

Our Culture


Enterprise: China's leading technology flagship enterprise in smart city field
Study: three people must have my division, study traditional culture, cultivate professional talents, and improve the quality of all staff
Learning and research is the basic content of company work. It is the ladder of company growth and career success, and employees and enterprises grow up together
Honour: take care of the reputation and brand of a company as well as your own
Gratitude: cherish everything and have experienced, be grateful
Failure: failure is a milestone on the road to innovation, and failure to innovate is honorable
Help each other: treat your colleagues and friends like customers
Freedom: free development space and relaxing atmosphere are the basic rights of employees and the most important welfare and vitality of the company
The most important source
Willing to have homes: in homes, too; not reluctant, large homes; there have a house, by the

Customers Service

Integrity, responsibility, partnership, and beyond demand

UNITA technology adhere to the "integrity is responsible for" marketing service concept, to focus on industry users and alliance partners to provide the most competitive products and services. High quality and high efficiency to provide customers with services to maximize the protection of customer interests, so that customer satisfaction is our goal.

Company Qualification And Glori